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An excerpt of from my teaching statement: For me, the act of researching and educating oneself and others extends far beyond words in a text classroom walls. We all possess an inquisitive nature that needs to be fed through exploration and experimentation. I believe that when we are able to identify and nurture our passions, skills, and inner creativity, we can produce fruitful collaborative efforts in support of our lifelong act of knowledge production. It is imperative that I use the resources and tools set before me to make clear statements and actions that contribute to global justice, to honor those who came before, and to assist those that will follow. As a Black woman, I descend from a lineage of leaders, givers, nurturers, and bearers of culture whose pedagogies were forged from spirit and survival.
Their sacrifices are what drive my inquiry and approach.

Research Interests: African American women, African American visual & material culture, fiber art, narrative inquiry, art education, Black Feminist Theory, arts-based research, art/craft discourse, social justice
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Module Developer and Instructor:

Arts Administrators Essentials: Supporting Individual Artists Online Course for Americans for the Arts

Module I: Being A Professional Artist. The goal of this module was to understand the professional role and leadership responsibilities of the artist in society and examine the non-profit, public, commercial, and academic career paths open to artists and those working in cultural fields. Administrators explored the necessary entrepreneurial skills for artists to thrive in the marketplace of ideas, arts products, and cultural services in order to help artists generate and manage revenue and resource
Module II: Helping Artists Thrive: How to be a Coach. Within this module, students examined the skills needed to be in responsible leadership roles in nonprofit art organizations and their relationship as constituents of public arts agencies. Through the examination of readings and interviews, administrators enhanced their knowledge and ability to be a coach, implement assessment tools, and offer resources to artists. Lessons included:

Instructor of Record/Graduate Teaching Associate:

Art Education 4000 - Pedagogies of Critical Multiculturalism in Teaching Visual Culture.
(The Ohio State University)

This course explores the interrelationship of social and cultural issues, visual culture, philosophies of teaching, and the construction of democratic spaces of learning building on theories of multicultural education. Pre-service education students build upon their prior experiences with, and explore new ways to think about, artworks and other forms of visual culture in and as curricula. Through a simultaneous exploration of contemporary and historical visual culture (including art and popular culture), and educational and critical theory, this course emphasizes not only questions related to content in the art classroom, but also how social and cultural issues inform the construction of diverse teaching practices.

Instructor of Record/Graduate Teaching Associate:

Art Education 2367.01 - Visual Culture and Investigating Social Justice.
(The Ohio State University)

This course has been constructed to confront and address the issues raised through the exploration of visual culture in the hope of challenging our biases and discriminatory practices within our society, which hinders democracy and social justice. This course provides opportunities for students to focus and communicate their learning and development to increase their multicultural competencies as national and world citizens. In this course, we critically investigate personal, national and global identities. Personal and communal narratives surrounding visual culture define and construct meaning in our everyday lives. Visual culture (which includes both visual art and popular media) is investigated as a site through which social and cultural definitions, norms and values, and expectations are reinforced, constructed as well as challenged.